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Learn DRUM From Basics to Advanced, with LIVE Cutting Edge State of The Art Technology Interactive VIDEO COURSE


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Keyboard & Guitar Online Course: In This Course, You will Learn from Basics of Keyboard or Guitar with Finger Drills / Exercise, Scale, Chords, Patterns, Songs, etc

In Video Lessons, we teach Step-By-Step, Line-By-Line, and Note-By-Note with detail Fingering so students can understand and memorize easily. Students will get Video Lessons on our Website for their practice with detailed explanation so that they can learn at any time from anywhere efficiently at their own pace.

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Online Music School for Adults & Children


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Gaurang Mehta


Hardik Maniyar

Keyboard & Guitar Teacher

Manish Sarvaiya

Drum Teacher


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The teaching method is very efficient and also we get a lot of practice. The video lessons are very helpful and help.

Prisha Parekh

I have experience with this music school. It is just not school but an institution of its own. I learned a lot.

Jitendra Parekh

Hello, I just started a few weeks back for learning guitar. My experience so far is very good. Teaching, and course content.

Pravin Salian

Virtually learning Music Is one of the best decisions I have ever took after coming accross a post on Facebook. Gaurang Sir's.


Royal Trinity School of Music is a great learning institute for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the world of music..

Ria Undaviya
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How to upgrade your MUSIC skills without leaving home. Bestseller 2022

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