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Hello, I’m Gaurang Mehta. My course helps to become successful in Music Learning.

Mr. Gaurang Mehta

A fabrication technology engineer by education could not resist the call and love of MUSIC. and joined the music world in 1988. He started the ROYAL TRINITY SCHOOL OF MUSIC in 1997 and has now expanded to 4 Branches in and around Mumbai and has franchise in 8 other schools around the world.

He has under his wings more that 800 students learning the grips of music. He has mastered Keyboard, Guitar and Drum.

Other activities he carries on are DJ ing, arranging musicians for music compositions, Musical event organisation, music producing and composing and publications on Music.

His immense knowledge is what he wants to share with the world.


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I am a Music Teacher in Keyboard, Guitar, Drum, Djing & Music Productions.

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We’re here to teach you all about Music when you’re running in short of time. Royal Trinity School Of Music has more than 2000+ videos and are recorded by professionals only. We teach you the trendiest and technical things. We walk hand-in-hand by our Bollywood hits too.

Tuning and Setup, Reading Tablature, Strumming Techniques, Proper Picking, Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs, Chords & Progressions, Playing Lead & Rhythm, Music Theory, Barre & Power Chords, Scales and Modes, Finger picking, Slides, Bends & Trills, Natural Harmonics, Tapping and Phrasing, Rock, Bluegrass & Jazz, Improvisation & Soloing, Advanced Modes, Chord Shaping.

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Hardik Maniyar

Keyboard & Guitar Teacher

Manish Sarvaiya

Drum Teacher

Gaurang Mehta



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about courses

The teaching method is very efficient and also we get a lot of practice. The video lessons are very helpful and help.

Prisha Parekh

I have experience with this music school. It is just not school but an institution of its own. I learned a lot.

Jitendra Parekh

Hello, I just started a few weeks back for learning guitar. My experience so far is very good. Teaching, and course content.

Pravin Salian

Virtually learning Music Is one of the best decisions I have ever took after coming accross a post on Facebook. Gaurang Sir's.


Royal Trinity School of Music is a great learning institute for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the world of music..

Ria Undaviya

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