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Rock School of Music, LONDON.

Rock school is the leading accredited provider of rock & pop exams worldwide. We offer Graded Music Exams in the principal rock instruments and Diplomas in Teaching and Performance. 


Rockschool produces and examines unique music qualifications that are taught by independent teachers in schools, colleges and music centres all over the world. Rockschool music qualifications are practical, flexible and fun and are open to musicians of all ages and abilities.

Rockschool examinations were introduced in India in 2005. Rockschool India (RS India) is the Indian representative of the International Rockschool Examination Board. RS India will be responsible for all Rockschool examinations starting 2012, including Graded Music Exams and Performance Certificates for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano/Keyboards and Vocals as well as Performance and Teaching Diplomas.

Royal Trinity School of Music,Mumbai

Western Music is the folk music of the Western life style and vista. Some Western music originates from roots in English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh ballads, as well as musical influences from the European countries of immigrants who “went west” and some carries jazz and blues origins. While “Cowboy” music is an important part of the history of Western Music, the stories and lifestyles of the larger populations of Western culture are equally important: settlers, farmers, ranchers, horsemen and women, soldiers and the women who accompanied them into the west, miners, opportunists, gamblers, saloon keepers, school teachers, and other town folk who populated the great American west are all subjects of modern day Western music.

Trinity Collage of Music, LONDON.


Whatever your musical tastes, Trinity College London has the music qualifications for you.

Every year Trinity College London supports the music education of thousands of students with assessments across a wide spectrum including popular, jazz, contemporary and classical music.

Trinity College London graded examinations and diplomas span performing, teaching, theory of music and composing, all of which are fully accredited by the relevant UK regulatory bodies.

Our philosophy

The candidate is at the heart of our focus. That’s why we offer insightful assessments for everyone, from beginners right up to diplomas for the most advanced candidates.

All Trinity College London examiners are professional musicians, and they take special care to make candidates feel relaxed in the examination room, creating a positive environment for you to demonstrate your talents to your full potential.


Music Grade Exams


Trinity offers grade exams for a wide range of instruments and singing, from Initial to Grade 8. Candidates perform three (or sometimes four) pieces, and technical work featuring scales and arpeggios, exercises or orchestral extracts.

They also choose two supporting tests from a selection including sight reading, aural, musical knowledge and improvising. Along with their overall grade, they are marked on specific musical components giving detailed feedback to help with their ongoing learning.